Life in Eleme

Eleme is the language of the Eleme people of the Niger Delta. Eleme is an important part of Ogoni-land, the socio-political home of the Ogoni people. While the Eleme stress their distinctness from the other Ogonis, their languages and ethnography are clearly related.

This ethnography of the Eleme people aims to document non- linguistic features of Eleme society and culture as well as discuss ethnographic details of particular interest to language documentation and language endangerment.

Included in this section are details on the people, society and culture. Additional resources are provided on the Ogoni people in general and the economic situation in the Niger delta.

> Notes on the Ogoni people

> The economic situation in Eleme

> Where is Eleme?
Eleme Schoolgirl
Eleme People

The Eleme are an enthusiastic and aspiring group of people. This section includes notes on the Eleme population, the endangerment of the language and culture and photo galleries of individuals involved in the documentation process.

HRH Chief Emperor J.D. Nkpe
Eleme Society

Despite the influx of multinational chemical industries and their workforce into Eleme, a strong sense of society is retained by the Eleme people. This section details the socio-political system and the importance of religion and education in Eleme life.

Eleme Bridesmaid
Eleme Culture

Eleme society is rich with its own culture and traditions, from superstitions and traditional religion to the frenzied spectacular that celebrates an Eleme wedding. This section highlights some of the rituals native to Eleme.